Session 1

Sareena Overwater - Session 1 - Cover Image

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Complete Album 96kHz (WAV):

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Cookie Marenco

ESE LogoExtended Sound
Environment (E.S.E.)

Asst. Engineers: Patrick O'Connor, Tim Jones

Sareena Overwater: Piano, Guitar and Voice

Released 2014 (previously available as Blue Coast Special Event 27)

Tone poems of love lost and raw feelings exposed, Sareena's songs take us on journeys we've all experienced. Souls exposed one to one or humans living together on the earth, you'll find it hard not cry at the memories her words bring from our own life. Sareena tells our story.

Her voice can be sultry or sweet like early Joni Mitchell with touches of Celine Dion mixed with the passion of a young Alanis Morrisette. Yet, Sareena's unique voice brings hints of her European background in a way we rarely experience.

Sareena arrived at our studio doorstep from Switzerland and before the session even began, we recorded the first song, One World. Sometimes you don't take a chance that a great performance could escape because the microphones aren't quite set up right. Sometimes, you just hit record... and we did.. and we were blown away.

We recorded her singing and playing live in the studio, without headphones and our proprietary recording technique Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) direct to DSD on the Sonoma System. Mixed and mastered to DSD for download release.

"Angel" is a cover of Sarah McLachlan's wonderful song that Sareena makes her own. We highly recommend listening to this track.